How to use Applications in the DigiFi platform.


Applications are the primary organizing structure within DigiFi's Loan Origination System. DigiFi provides robust tools for managing Applications, including best-in-class configurability so that each lender can control the data, visual appearance and other elements of their lending process.

Applications include the following information:

  • Application Data in the form of values assigned to the Variables that your account administrator set up for your organization. A single Application can have an unlimited number of data points saved to it.
  • Borrower information, including Borrower data and, if applicable, Co-Borrower data.
  • Intermediary information (if applicable to your process).
  • Documents, which can be viewed, uploaded, downloaded and modified directly within the DigiFi platform.
  • Emails that have been tracked by the system and are related to an Application.
  • Tasks that users have created for themselves or other members of your team.
  • Notes that users have written regarding the Application.
  • Decision Engine results that were generated during automated decision processes, such as data from third-party integrations, underwriting results, pricing or verification information.
  • History of an Application, so that you can look back and understand what happened during processing.
  • Team Members working on the Application from your company.
  • Labels that can be used visually indicate a wide range of different things about the Application.

Applications combine a set of standard elements, which are pre-defined in the system, with a larger set of customizable elements, which can be configured by company administrators. See Viewing Applications for more information.

Applications can be processed directly through the interface (see Application Processing) or programmatically through DigiFi's API. The API is designed to allow your systems to automatically perform any action you can manually perform through the interface, letting you fully automate loan processing if you wish (see the API Reference for more information).


Set Up The LOS First

Before you start using the system to process Applications, ensure that your account administrators completed the steps described in Setting Up The LOS.