How to customize Intermediaries within DigiFi's Loan Origination System.

Introduction to Intermediaries

DigiFi's platform allows you to add, manage and track Intermediaries (e.g. brokers, affiliates, dealers, retailers, contractors, etc.).

Intermediaries are connected to the Applications and Borrowers that they referred to your business.

To configure your own Intermediary data structure, navigate to LOS > Configuration > Intermediaries.

Intermediary Configuration - Standard Variables

By default, Intermediaries contain the following Standard Variables (see Set Up Data Structure for more information on Variable types).

  • Company Name
  • Type (e.g. Broker, Affiliate, etc.)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • ID Number
  • Commission Rate

These Standard Variables cannot be removed, however they can be modified to meet your needs and country requirements (for example, you can modify the Phone Number variable to use your preferred country code).

Intermediary Configuration - Custom Variables

In addition to the Standard Variables, you can add an unlimited number of Custom Variables to Intermediaries. This lets you store additional, Intermediary-specific data in a flexible way.

To add Custom Variables to an Intermediary, click the Add Variable button, find the Variable and use the drag-and-drop tools to place it in your preferred location below the Standard Variables. Changes are automatically saved and the Intermediary view updated for all users.


Duplicated Data (On Purpose!)

All Standard Variables on the Intermediary will be automatically duplicated on Applications at the time the Application is created. Custom Variables will also be duplicated if the same Custom Variable appears on the Product for which the Application was created.