Decision Processing

Generate automated decisions in individual or batch processes.


The Decision Engine offers two ways to process Strategies to generate real-time decisions: Through the Interface and through the API. In either case, Strategies can be processed either individually or in batches to produce decision outputs in the desired format.

Individual Processing (User Interface)

Individual decisions can be processed through DigiFi's user interface.

To run an individual decision through the user interface:

  • Navigate to Decision Engine > Processing > Individual
  • Select the Strategy you would like to run and provide the required information
  • Click the RUN DECISION button

Your decision will execute instantly and you'll be navigated to a results page that includes detailed processing information on the overall decision as well as all associated inputs and outputs.

Results can be downloaded using the Download Results button, which produces a csv file of the data as well as files containing the raw data received from any external integrations.

You can also re-run the decision using the Re-Process Decision button, which pre-populates the same inputs on Individual Processing page to allow for easily tweaking inputs.

Batch Processing (User Interface)

Batch processing lets you run many decisions at once through the interface.

To execute a batch decision process:

  • Navigate to Decision Engine > Processing > Individual.
  • Select the Strategy you would like to run and provide the required information.
  • Upload a .csv file containing the decisions you would like to process.
  • Click the RUN DECISION button.

Your decisions will execute and you can navigate to the results summary page, which contains a list of decisions. Each decision can be clicked to view the individual results (see above for more information).


Using the User Interface for Testing

As Strategies are always available for processing through the user interface, it is common to test Strategies using the user interface before Activating Versions to run through the API. Users can create groups of test cases and run batches against different versions of their Strategies to easily confirm expected results before activating for API use.

API Processing

Once a Strategy is set to either Testing or Active, it is available for API-based processing. You have the option to run individual or batch decisions through the API.

  • An Individual API Decision is an API request that lets you run one Strategy with one set of inputs.
  • A Batch API Decision is an API request that let you run multiple Strategies and/or multiple sets of inputs.


Batch Processing Through API

Batch API processes are very useful to run complex decisioning accross a range of Strategies with a single API request. Here are typical examples of where it's useful:

  • Multiple Loan Programs: Evaluate multiple loan programs at the same time (e.g. different credit cards or different mortgage loans).
  • Multiple Loan Amounts: Evaluate eligibility across multiple loan amounts for the purpose of making counter offers or multiple offers.
  • Multiple Loan Terms: Evaluate multiple loan terms to return back a set of available offers.
  • Joint Application: Evaluate a borrower and a co-borrower at the same time.

For information on the Decision Engine API, please refer to our API Reference.

Processing History

You can view previously processed decisions on the History tab of the individual and batch processing sections. Click any decision to view detail on it.