May 3, 2023

We released a new feature that allows you to edit data types. Also we delivered minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

Release Details

We have released an update that provides more flexibility and control over your data by enabling you to change the data type of existing variables to any option from the list.

We recommend to be careful when modifying the data type of variables that are currently in use and contain production data. However, with the new test mode feature, you can make adjustments and review the results before deploying them to production, making the process less risky.

In cases where the updated variable cannot be formatted correctly, the value will be displayed as a string, and users will be notified in "edit" mode that the variable has an incompatible value. The DigiFi platform will validate the data type and format for the new value.

Overall, you can now edit variable data types in a safer and more flexible manner while ensuring that the system remains reliable and functional.