October 17, 2022

We added a functionality that allows you to run integrations directly from Loan Origination System, view their results and integration-related files under the application.

Release Details

Run integrations directly from Loan Origination System using the loan application data

  • Add new tab named "Integrations" to the application.
  • Choose an integration and run it using the application data.
  • View integration results saved under the application.
  • View integration files.


Request, response and other integration-related files are now saved in integration results!

Set which permission groups have access to view and download integration files

  • Visit a new section "Permissions" in Data Integration setup to define that.

Find all the integration results in one place

  • Visit a new "Integrations" section in Decision Engine to find all the integration results received within your organization.
  • Run and test integrations via user interface by providing your inputs.

Use integrations API in your custom logic

Trigger integrations' run automatically

  • Use new "Run Integration" action in your automation workflows.

Check out User Manual for more details.

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