Send Email Verification Code

How to send a 6-digit email authentication code via email.

The Send Email Verification Code API sends a 6-digit code to a user's email address. This is most commonly used to verify a user's email address during your create account flow. This step only needs to be completed once for a user account. The isEmailNotVerified response header field will be updated (within the x-digifi-account JSON base64 string) permanently once their email is verified.

After this step is complete, the user will be emailed a code. You'll then have them enter this code and use the method for verifying an email verification code to confirm it.

Please note the following validations:

  • The accountAccessToken should be valid (real, not expired).
  • Maximum of one request per 60 seconds.
  • Email verification should be incomplete (not passed).

This API uses only headers (no JSON body is required).