Update Application Task

How to update a task using the DigiFi API.

The Update Task API can be used to update an application task that was already created. You can pass in all task parameters (and update the entire set of task data) or pass in only the parameters you want to update (and only update those parameters).

Example Request

Below please find the JSON body for an example request:

  "title": "Another Task Title Example",
  "externalAssignee": {
    "assigneeType": "intermediary",
    "assigneeId": "63ca9805b3a38b0702416bdc"
  "status": "Done",
  "dueDateAndTime": "2024-12-24T20:59:11.282Z",
  "variables": ["third_variable"],
  "sendExternalAssignmentEmail": true,
  "labels": {
    "add": ["65d33fad96b7533a2b25e7ab", "65d33fad96b7533a2b25e7ab"],
    "remove": ["65d33fc955697a4ab97a5cf4"]