Update Application

How to update an application using the DigiFi API.

The Update Application API can be used to update an application that was already created. You can pass in all application parameters (and update the entire set of application data) or pass in only the parameters you want to update (and only update those parameters).

Example Requests

Below please find the JSON body for two example requests:

  • Example 1: Updating all parameters of an application.
  • Example 2: Updating just one parameter of an application.
  "declineReasons": [
    "decline reason 1",
    "decline reason 2"
  "labelsIds": [
  "statusId": "63ca9841617f8daab0c9fe25",
  "teamMembers": [
    "[email protected]",
    "[email protected]"
  "variables": {
    "variable_system_name_1": "Example",
    "variable_system_name_2": 999,
    "variable_system_name_3": true,
    "variable_system_name_4": "+19172245555",
    "variable_system_name_5": "date",
    "variable_system_name_6": [{
      		"_id": "390aNZbf0yPktuYm2fJdz",
          "asset_type": "House",
          "asset_price": 100000,
        }, {
          "_id": "h31rBtqWElsqO-GNcuTuw",
          "asset_type": "Store",
          "asset_price": 50000,
  "statusId": "63ca9841617f8daab0c9fe25"


We strongly recommend to send the date value in "MM/DD/YYYY" format to avoid any issues with date representation.


Please note that each row in a variable of type Table must contain a unique string _id field.