Run Decision

How to run a decision or integration using the DigiFi API.

The Run Decision API can be used to execute a decision strategy. You can pass either a single decision object into the request (to generate a single sub-decision) or pass multiple decision objects to simultaneously run multiple sub-decisions.

The API response will include decision-level summary information, the result of each sub-decision (passed, failed or error), the variables generated for each sub-decision and other useful information.

Example Request

Below please find the JSON body for an example request:

    "decisionName": "Decision 10",
    "applicationId": "63ca97b71da7c1618788eeb8",
    "decisionClientId": "101",
    "returnOnlyPassed": false,
    "commonInputs": {
    	"rate": 500
    "returnDataSources": false,
    "decisions": [
         "strategyId": "63caef773e8bb8770e99f14e",
         "inputs": {
           "loan_purpose": "Purchase",
           "loan_amount": 2450000
       }, {
         "strategyId": "63caef7fd4539094c3201ba3",
         "inputs": {
           "loan_purpose": "Purchase",
           "loan_amount": 100000