Upload Application Document

How to upload a document to an application using the DigiFi API.

The Upload Application Document API can be used to upload documents to applications. The document can also be connected directly to an application task.


Request Content-Type

Use multipart/form-data content-type for this request.

Example Requests

Below please find the JSON body for three example requests:

  • Example 1: Uploading a document to the root folder of the application.
  • Example 2: Uploading a document to a specific folder of the application.
  • Example 3: Uploading a document and attaching it to an application task.
  "applicationId": "Some Application ID",
  "parentId": null
  "applicationId": "Application ID",
  "parentId": "Parent ID"
  "applicationId": "Application ID",
  "parentId": "Parent ID",
  "taskId": "Some Task ID that exists in application"