How to add and edit Borrowers.


DigiFi's platform allows you to add Borrowers and track their history with your company as a single Borrower can be tied to many Applications in the system.

They can be created and managed by clicking Borrowers in the main menu.

Borrowers have a set of standard data items, such as name, as well as an unlimited number of custom data items based on the Borrowers Configuration that your account administrator set up.


API-Based Automation

In addition to using DigiFi's user interface to manually create and manage Borrowers, you can do so automatically by connecting other systems using DigiFi's API. Please refer to the API Reference section for more information.

Adding A Borrower

To add a Borrower:

  • Click the Add Borrower button.
  • Select either Person or Company at the top, depending on the type of Borrower.
  • Provide the required information to complete the form.


Automatic Borrower Creation

If you create an Application with a new Borrower, this Borrower will be automatically created as well (i.e. it is not necessary to first create the Borrower).

Managing Borrowers

From the Borrowers page, you can search for existing Borrowers by their name and contact information. To edit a Borrower's information or view their Applications, click on the Borrower in the table and their detailed view will appear.

From here, you can edit their data and navigate directly to their current and prior Applications.