How to create, manage and complete Tasks.


The Tasks section allows users to create, view and edit tasks related to Applications. Tasks can be assigned to users as a reminder that they must complete specific work.


See Only Your Tasks

The Tasks page can be filtered by clicking your user avatar to only show your Tasks, providing a convenitent work list for you.

Creating and Managing Tasks

  • Tasks can be created by clicking on the Create Task. To create a new Task you must provide a description, list the relevant team member(s) and add a due date. You can assign your Task to an Application if it is relevant.
  • Tasks can be edited by clicking on the table row of an existing task.
  • Tasks can be completed by clicking the checkbox in the table. You can uncheck the box to reverse this decision.
  • Tasks can be deleted from the system by hovering over a task's row in the table, clicking on the 3-dots located to the right side and selecting this option.

You also have the option to Search existing tasks and Filter tasks based on the user, task status and due date to quickly find relevant tasks.