Team & Permissions

Add your company's users and manage custom permission groups.

Managing Your Team

You can view your team by navigating to Company Settings > Team > Platform Users. From here, you can view, add, edit and deactivate user accounts.


How To Add A User

To add a user to the DigiFi platform:

  • Click the Add User button.
  • Provide their Email and Permissions Group.
  • Click the "Add User" button.

The team member you invited will receive an invitation by email, which includes a link that sends them to a page to set their password. If they do not receive this email, please ask them to check their spam or junk folder.


Please note that the ability to add users will be blocked if your company has no available seats. Every DigiFi subscription plan includes a certain number of seats, above which more seats can be purchased. Please see Plan & Billing for more information.

How To Manage Existing Users

To manage an existing user:

  • Click on the user's row in the table.
  • A form will appear in which you can perform the following actions: Edit Permission Group or Deactivate User.

Editing their Permission Group will impact their access to the DigiFi platform.

Deactivating a user will prevent them from accessing your organization's account. You can reactivate them in the future by navigating back to the same page and clicking "Activate Account".

Customizing Permission Groups

The DigiFi platform offers fully-customizable user permission groups and the ability to manage system access at multiple levels, including:

  • Who can access entire sections of the platform (discussed below).
  • Who can modify applications that are in certain workflow statuses.
  • Who can read and/or edit data in specific variables throughout that platform.

New DigiFi accounts include three default permission groups: User, Admin and Owner. You can add or edit these groups by navigating to Company Settings > Team > Permission Groups and clicking the Edit Permission Groups button. Permission groups can be added, removed, renamed or reordered from this screen. Please note that permission groups should be ordered however you would like them to appear in dropdown lists throughout the platform.


This page also allows you to select which sections of the platform users in each permission group have access to by checking or unchecking the boxes, which automatically save. Updates will take effect immediately after they have been made.

The only permission group that cannot be modified is "Owner", which has global system access and is the only role that can access the "Team" and "Plan & Billing" sections of the platform. This role is intended for the user(s) that control billing and user management.


Security Best Practices

DigiFi's platform is built to keep your information safe. To further strengthen data security when using DigiFi, we suggest the following:

  • Immediately deactivate team members that leave your company so that they cannot access your data.
  • Ensure that all users set up 2-factor phone authentication in their personal profile. Each user's phone authentication status can be viewed in the table at Company Settings > Team > Platform Users.
  • Use the Principle Of Least Priviledge when setting user permissions by limiting access to each section of the DigiFi platform to those who need it.
  • Restrict viewing and editing of highly sensitive data (bank numbers, identification numbers, etc.) to users who strictly need such access.