Personalize Your Account

How to manage your personal information, avatar and security settings.


Your profile page lets you edit your personal information, user avatar and security settings. It can be accessed by clicking your name in the bottom-left corner of the platform's interface.

Managing Your Information

On your profile page, you can:

  • Manage basic personal information.
  • Set your time zone.
  • Change your email address.
  • Upload a picture so that others can identify you.


Time Zone Support

The platform allows different user to set their own time zones. This allows each user to configure how they will see times, without changing the underlying data.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor phone authentication (or "2FA") adds an additional layer of security to your account to help prevent unauthorized access. When 2FA is enabled, we will send a text message to your mobile phone with an authentication code every time you attempt to log in. We strongly suggest that all users enable 2FA.

Enable 2-factor phone authentication by clicking the ENABLE PHONE AUTHENTICATION button and following the instructions.


View 2FA Status For All Users

Users with Owner-level permissions can see who has enabled 2FA from the Users tab within Company Settings.

Recovering Your Account

If you are unable to access your account:

  • You can reset your password from the Sign In page.
  • You can reset your phone authentication by contacting the owner of your company's account, who can disable phone authentication from Company Settings - Users.