SendGrid Email Delivery

How to connect your SendGrid account to DigiFi for email delivery.

Overview of the DigiFi-SendGrid Integration

The DigiFi platform includes a built-in integration with SendGrid, a leading email delivery service.

You must set up this integration to send certain types of borrower-facing and intermediary-facing emails through the DigiFi platform, including:

Connecting your SendGrid account also ensures that emails delivered from DigiFi to your borrowers or intermediaries will be sent from your own email account and domain, which helps create a seamless customer experience.

How to Create a SendGrid Account

It only takes a few minutes to create a new SendGrid account. Click here to get started.

After you created a SendGrid account, add an email that you will use to send and receive emails from borrowers and intermediaries. Make sure you verified the email address.

Navigate to the settings to generate an API key.


SendGrid Admin user must select either "Full Access" or “Restricted Access” (with a full access to the “Sender Authentication” property) when creating an API key. Otherwise, DigiFi won't be able to get connected to SendGrid and parse sender emails.

How to Connect Your SendGrid Account to DigiFi

Once your SendGrid account is created, you can integrate it through DigiFi.

To connect your SendGrid account to DigiFi:

  • Navigate to Lending Setup > Integrations > SendGrid Email Delivery.
  • Click the "Edit Credentials" button.
  • Provide your API Key (which can be found inside your SendGrid account).
  • Select a Sender Email (from the list of emails you've set up in your SendGrid account).
  • Click the "Save Changes" button.

DigiFi will automatically check that the API key is valid. If it is, your SendGrid account will now be connected.