Custom Portals

How to connect your own digital lending portal to DigiFi.

Overview of Custom Digital Lending Portals

DigiFi has built a comprehensive integration layer for connecting custom digital lending portals to our platform. You can connect portals that serve both borrowers and/or intermediaries.

DigiFi's platform includes capabilities for managing user authentication, building end-to-end digital lending processes and implementing powerful workflow automation.

How to Connect to DigiFi

You can connect a custom digital lending portal to DigiFi using our comprehensive API. This provides a robust set of tools to make connecting your portal as easy and secure as possible.

In addition, DigiFi provides webhooks that push real-time notifications to your external applications when events occur. Webhooks provide a powerful way to track the state of applications and to implement automated actions.

How to Manage User Authentication

DigiFi's platform provides a built-in authentication service that lets you manage user authentication (i.e. create account, sign in and session management for borrowers or intermediaries). This authentication layer includes authentication-related emails and text messages to your customers, is connected directly into the views your team members will see for borrowers and intermediaries and allows you to assist your customers with certain actions from directly within the system, including:

  • Changing their sign-in email address.
  • Changing the phone number they use for 2-factor phone authentication.
  • Changing their password.

To begin using DigiFi's authentication layer for custom digital lending portals:

  • Navigate to General Settings > Developers > Custom Portal Auth
  • Click on the "Borrower Portal" or "Intermediary Portal" tabs.
  • Toggle "DigiFi Authentication" to On and provide the required links.

These links are important to let DigiFi know where to direct your customers. For example, the "Reset Password" email will include a button that should redirect the customer to your Reset Password page.

DigiFi Professional Services

Want help designing, building and launching a custom digital lending portal? DigiFi offers end-to-end implementation services, which are performed by our team of designers, analysts and engineers.


Contact us to discuss our implementation services!

DigiFi Implementation Partners

In addition to our own professional services team, DigiFi partners with best-in-class software development companies that can also help design and build your custom portal.


Contact us to be connected with one of our implementation partners!