Testing & Production Modes

An overview of the testing and production modes available in the DigiFi platform.

Overview of Test Mode & Prod Mode

A core feature of DigiFi's platform is a built-in testing mode ("Test Mode"), which enables platform administrators and QA teams to test changes to the Lending Setup before deploying them to production mode ("Prod Mode"). This testing mode provides an isolated environment where users can test the end-to-end lending process without impacting the live lending system.

Test Mode and Prod Mode only apply to the Lending System, which is where applications are processed. All of the configuration-related sections of DigiFi's platform have a single mode, and Lending Setup includes the ability to deploy changes from Test Mode to Prod Mode.


Both the left navigation and dashboard indicate whether you are in "Test Mode" or "Prod Mode" of Lending System. Make sure you're in the right mode before doing your work!


Lending System - Prod Mode

The Lending System - Prod Mode is the primary place that day-to-day users will work to process real loan applications. Prod Mode uses the most recently deployed Lending Setup, and changes to Lending Setup are only released to Prod Mode when a platform administrator deploys them.

Production mode should only include real production data, as it is the live environment where borrowers interact with the lending platform. Any changes made in production mode are visible to borrowers and can affect their user experience, so it is critical to ensure that changes have been thoroughly tested and are ready for deployment.


Only Prod Mode can be connected to a standard borrower portal.

Lending System - Test Mode

The Lending System - Test Mode section of DigiFi's platform is an isolated environment where users can test their Lending Setup configurations without impacting the live production system.

When you are updating your lending settings, it is important to test the changes thoroughly before deploying them to production. This is the purpose of our Test Mode.

In Test Mode, the current configurations from Lending Setup are used during the test lending workflow. Applications and other data created in test mode are logically separated from production mode data.

Deploying Lending Settings

Please refer to the Deployment section to better understand how lending-related settings are deployed to Prod Mode.