General Loan Product Information

How to manage your loan products in the DigiFi platform.

Introduction To Loan Products

Loan products control the application-processing workflow in DigiFi's platform. They are highly configurable, allowing different lenders to implement their preferred workflow, visual displays, data structure, email cadences, task checklists, underwriting strategies, application forms and much more. Each application you process will always be connected to a single loan product.


Loan products let you customize the entire loan origination process!

More specifically, loan products include the:



One System. Multiple Products.

DigiFi lets you manage multiple business lines in one place. Multiple loan products can be similar (e.g. different types of mortgages) or completely different (e.g. personal loans vs. mortgages).

How To Add A Loan Product

To add a new loan product:

  • Click the Add Product button.
  • Complete the form that appears (details are below).
  • Click the Save Changes button.

You will then be redirected to a detailed section to begin configuring the loan product.

Loan Product NameThe name your team members will see in the system when viewing applications for this loan product.Preferred Plus Personal Loan
Borrower Type(s)The types of borrowers that applications for the loan product will include. Select "Person", "Company" or both.Person
Loan Product IconAn icon that will represent your loan product.Personal Loan
Loan Product StatusA toggle to decide whether your loan product will be active when first created. Applications can only be created for loan products in the "Active" status. You can change a loan product's status at any time.Active