External Integrations


DigiFi's Decision Engine can be used to connect to a wide range on external data sources and other services.


Custom Integrations

DigiFi can connect to almost any external data source that you wish to use in your decison process. These connections are set up for you by DigiFi's Professional Services team. Please contact DigiFi's sales team if you are interested in setting up integrations within your environment.

Third-Party Data Integrations

Data integrations can be used within decision processes to automatically gather data from external sources. Common examples include connecting to credit bureaus, collateral valuation data, fraud scores and internal company systems.

Once your integrations are built, you can add them to any Strategy using External Integration Modules.

Predictive Models

It is possible to run a variety of predictive models within Strategies. There are three options for incoprorating these models:

Option 1: If you use an external modeling service that provides a real-time API endpoint for generating decisions, DigiFi can connect directly to that service. The most common example is connecting to machine learning platforms to run custom scoring models.

Option 2: If your model is in the form of complex code (e.g. a Python script), DigiFi can deploy this for you and connect it within our platform.

Option 3: If your model is in the form of a scorecard (e.g. typically linear/logistic regression format), it can be input by any user using our Scoring Model Modules (please see Strategy Building for more information).