How to create, manage and complete Emails.


The Emails page displays the Emails that have been sent or received and tracked by the DigiFi platform. From here, users can read, reply and forward Emails, or initiate a new Email to the Borrower.


Viewing Emails for Specific Applications

The Emails page shows all emails in the system. If you wish to see only the Emails sent to or from Borrowers on a specific Application, you can go to the Email tab on the Application itself (if your company administrator has set up the Emails tab for your application configuration).

Managing Emails

  • Emails are tracked and recorded by the DigiFi platform if you CC or BCC your organization-specific inbox that DigiFi provides. Emails will automatically be linked to the relevant Applications by our system.
  • Emails can be viewed by clicking on the Email. This will expand a new window that includes the Email contents and attachments, which can be downloaded.
  • Emails are sent by clicking the Send Email button or by replying to or forwarding an existing Email. They will be sent using your default mail application (such as Outlook). DigiFi will pre-populate Emails with the relevant To, From, Cc, Subject and Body text depending on the context of your Email.
  • Emails can be deleted from the system by hovering over an Email's row in the table, clicking on the 3-dots located to the right side and selecting this option. Please note that this will only remove the Email from DigiFi's system - it won't permanently delete it within your mail provider's database.

You also have the option to Search and Filter existing emails to quickly find relevant ones.


Your Company-Specific Email Address

To populate the DigiFi system with your Emails you must copy your organization-specific inbox that DigiFi provides (either via CC or BCC). This address can be found on the Emails tab when it is initally set up and will also automatically pre-populate on any Email initiated from the DigiFi system.