Lender Application Views

How to set the data structure and visual layouts of applications.

Overview Of Lender Application Views

The "Lender Application Views" section of a loan product lets you configure the data and information that each application will include, as well as organize this information however you want your team to view it.


The "Lender Application Views" page includes three sections:

  • Application Header: The standard layout at the top of every application. This cannot be changed but will automatically update based on your loan product's name, statuses, borrower types, etc.
  • Application Tabs: The sections of an application that your team will see when they view it. There are 8 tab types: Application Data, Documents, Emails, Task Checklist, Notes, Decision Engine, Integrations, Status Rules and History.
  • Tab Details: A detailed view that differs by tab type. For the "Application Data" tabs, this section can be further configured (see below), however for other tab types it is a static visual representation.

Tab Types

When a new loan product is created, the "Lender Application View" will include all tab types. You can add more "Application Data" tabs and remove any other tabs that you don't need.

Below is a list of the types of tabs.

Tab TypeTab Description
Application DataDetermines which variables (i.e. data) will be saved on applications as well as the the user interface that your day-to-day users will experience for viewing and editing application data.

Once an "Application Data" tab is added, you can configure the variables on the tab using DigiFi's built-in drag-and-drop tools.

More information on "Application Data" tabs is below.
DocumentsAllows your team members to upload, download and preview application documents, as well as initiate e-sign integrations and request additional files from the borrower or intermediary.
EmailsDisplays the emails that have been sent to or received from the borrower(s) on the application.

Allows your team members to create, reply or forward emails to the borrower(s).
Task ChecklistAllows your team members to create, view and edit a checklist of tasks related to the application. Tasks can be assigned to your team members, the borrower or the intermediary to indicate what actions must be taken to advance the application.

Tasks can also reference data, documents and comments to streamline workflows.
NotesAllows your team members to create, view and edit general notes related to the application.
Decision EngineDisplays the results of decisioning processes and integrations related to the application (for example, automated underwriting or verification decisions).

Allows your team members to run additional decisions using application data and the decision strategies you set up.
IntegrationsDisplays the results of integrations related to the application (for example, credit reports).

Allows your team members to run additional Data Integrations using the integrations you set up.
Status RulesDisplays all statuses and the rules that must pass for each (if any).
HistoryDisplays the comprehensive history of each application, as well as the activity date and the user that performed the action.

This history is preserved so that your team members can understand the steps that each application went through prior to approval or rejection.

Application Data Tabs

Every loan product can include multiple "Application Data" tabs and each of these tabs requires additional configuration. These tabs control which variables (i.e. data) will be saved on each application as well as the the user interface that your team members will experience for viewing and editing application information.

On each "Application Data" tab, you can add and configure sections and variables.

  • To add a new section, click the "+" button located below the bottom section. Please note that sections can be added downwards and across (with a maximum of 4 columns and 50 rows).
  • To add a variable, click the "Add Variable" button. A pane will appear on the right side of the screen and you can drag-and-drop variables onto the page. Each section can contain up to 200 variables.
  • To move a variable, click and hold down your cursor. The variable can then be dragged to another location.
  • To make a variable "required", hover over the variable, click the 3-dots and then click "Make Field Required". It will receive a red asterisk to indicate the change. You can repeat the same process to remove the requirement.
  • To add a "Display Condition" to a variable, hover over the variable, click on the 3-dots and select "Add Display Condition". This will let you set a condition (using DigiFi's formula language) to determine whether the variable should display. The condition must return TRUE (boolean) or "true" (string) for the variable to be displayed.

How To Add A Tab

To add a tab to a loan product:

  • Navigate to the Loan Product > Lender Application Views section.
  • Click the "+ Add Tab" button.
  • Select the type of tab to add.

Please note that each loan product can contain only one tab of each type, with the exception of Application Data tabs (of which there can be many). Your Loan Product can contain a maximum of 30 tabs.

How To Rename A Tab

To rename a tab within a loan product:

  • Navigate to the tab.
  • Click directly on the sub-header with the tab's current name.
  • Type in a new name.

The changes will automatically save.

How To Delete A Tab

To delete a tab within a loan product:

  • Navigate to any tab except the tab you want to delete.
  • Hover over the tab that you want to delete.
  • Click the "X" beside the tab's name.

You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion, after which the tab will be removed.